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You’ve read a lot about us. You know what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. At our core, we’re driven to make our students extraordinary.

But if you hail from the armed forces, intelligence services, security ranks, tech ops or the information security world, then we want to tell you what you can expect from our program.

Because there’s a special place for you at Elite Human Dynamics.


All of our students bring unique experiences and goals to our program. That’s part of what makes our weeklong residential program so effective.

Coming from a background in tradecraft, you’ll be entering our program with a killer foundation on which to develop elite social dynamics. You already function at a high level. Your training has prepared you for extraordinary circumstances. Your missions and projects have exposed you to life-altering experiences.

Having worked with unique backgrounds like yours, we know that you’re ready to take your expertise to a new tier. Our program will surprise and humble you, then inspire and rebuild you into a stronger version of the operator you are.

Elite Human Dynamics ExperienceElite Human Dynamics is a powerful supplement to the experience you’ve already had. It’s the material to fill in the cracks in your armor. It’s the secrets, tools and philosophies that weren’t covered in training. It’s a cutting-edge set of techniques for your toolkit. And it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own your future, honor your strengths and apply them to every area of your life.

We’re not just talking simulations or theory here. We’re talking about a total and lasting reboot of the man you are.

Here’s what you will get as a student joining our program with your unique background.


Train with world-class leaders.

At Elite Human Dynamics, you’ll be in the field with top-tier talent. Our coaches understand where you come from and have worked extensively with service personnel from all over the world.

Our coaches have worked with the CIA, FBI and Military Special Operations Forces. They’ve served as intelligence assets and security consultants. They’ve spoken at D0D conferences and USG retreats. They’ve shared their research with four-star generals, the head of USCENTCOM, and a Director of the CIA.

In other words, they live and breathe this curriculum—in the classroom and in the field.


Over the course of the program, we will carefully hone that sixth sense that makes you confident and decisive in the real world. You will develop the ability to read situations instantly, process information in milliseconds, make smart decisions on the fly and feel prepared, grounded and engaged everywhere you go. Through focused exercises and fieldwork, we rigorously cultivate those instinctive habits, then give you real-world opportunities to apply them.

The results are extraordinary. Our students begin thinking thoughts they would never have thought, saying things they would never have planned, and doing things they would never have done—all because they’ve learned to operate in a faster, smarter and more focused way. That’s what will allow you to captivate an asset one-on-one or instantly read a room full of important people.

Because ultimately, we aren’t here to invent a new you. We are here to cultivate the best you.


Elite Human Dynamics Transform Enemies Our lives are filled with enemies and obstacles. We have to manage the overzealous boss, the intimidating group, or the difficult recruit. Along the way, the “rules” of life can try to stop us: endless bureaucracy, performance evaluations, and red tape. These have a way of becoming roadblocks to our success, so we have developed a curriculum to help you understand and capitalize on them.

Our deep psychological work, which rewires your deeply held beliefs, combined with real-life exercises, which reframe common scenarios, will help you turn a life of struggle into an abundance of opportunity. You’ll immediately learn how to turn confrontations into opportunities and enemies into allies, all within a philosophy of positive social dynamics.

Because in our world, there’s no room for you to be a victim or a pawn. There’s only a set of beliefs and tactics that will allow you to accomplish what you set out to do.


Elite Human Dynamics Rapport Turning negative situations into positive outcomes depends on a key capability: rapport. That’s the ability to connect and develop deep trust in those around you.

We focus on both the art and the science of rapport. Using our field-tested techniques, we will teach you the physical, emotional and psychological components of trust, then show you how to implement them in real-time. We’ll also hone your instincts and personal style, so that you can develop organic and lasting trust in the people you meet.

As a result, you will quickly learn to embed yourself in valuable situations, gain the trust of the people you need, and create lifelong bonds that will catapult you in all areas of your life.


Elite Human Dynamics Authenticity In addition to teaching you how to hack the human mind and turn strangers into assets, we’ll also go much deeper by cultivating your authenticity—the ability to approach people and situations from a true and honest place.

Our exercises will get you in touch with the deeper, more primal parts of your psychology that make all of our techniques work. You will leave our program more open, inviting, and in touch with your true self. That’s not just another mask. That’s true power.

That’s also where our program differs from standard training. We will not teach you textbook lines and memorized gestures, or encourage you to fake your way through interactions. Instead, we bring out in you a genuine, authentic response. That’s how we mold you into a guy people will want to trust.


The world we operate in is becoming both more complex and more human. True power depends on lasting relationships, and true influence requires deep rapport. That’s a core principle of our program.When you leave our training, you will find yourself equipped with new skills and beliefs that will change the way you interact with those around you. That kind of connection will transform the way you understand your colleagues, gain the trust of your partners, motivate your teams and maintain influence over situations.Ultimately, our exercises will shift you from the hard power of command-and-control to the deeper power of long-term trust. That’s the stuff of operators, advisors, influencers and—most importantly—leaders.
Elite Human Dynamics Command


Our 60-hour residential program follows our proprietary curriculum through the core principles and exercises. Over the course of our program, you will:

  • Acquire dozens of proprietary frameworks and principles for charisma, rapport and confidence that you can put into action immediately
  • Inherit thousands of hours of field-tested principles, techniques and material created over years of research by our instructors and consultants
  • Learn how to tell a powerful and emotionally resonant story to anyone, anywhere, through our personal narrative and storytelling workshop
  • Record your interactions on video and review the footage with our team of coaches to collaboratively identify your strengths, improvement opportunities and overall presentation
  • Conduct four live, in-field exercises and receive detailed feedback on your performance and next steps
  • Approach any stranger in any context and nail your first impression by completing our 50 Signatures exercise
  • Learn how to assess value in other people and enhance value in yourself using the AOC Value Scale and value-based role-playing exercises
  • Conduct mock role-play and interactions with detailed feedback to develop your banter skills, sustain meaningful conversations, and create a lasting personal connection
  • Master nonverbal modes of communication, including transformative body language, eye contact and emotional commitment
  • Develop a clear self-development plan after your program ends (including ongoing exercises, a social strategy, a support system, and access to our exclusive online academy), so that your learning doesn’t end when you leave our doors—it really just begins


Once you graduate our program, you will be able to:

  • Assess people’s confidence, competence, presence and social awareness before they even know you’re paying attention
  • Read a room in an instant and understand the dynamics at play in any social or professional situation
  • Develop subtle persuasion tactics to influence decision-making and guide people toward your desired outcomes
  • Command the attention, respect and curiosity of those around you
  • Begin a conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime and achieve your goals in any social interaction
  • Resolve conflicts at home, at work and in your personal life with ease, empathy and confidence
  • Identify and destroy negative thoughts and behaviors (including neediness, approval seeking, hesitance, and self-doubt)
  • Cultivate a positive, healthy mindset in yourself and others
  • Lead and inspire your colleagues and teammates to achieve new goals and deliver breakthrough results
  • Learn to read between the lines of communication and understand why people are really saying what they’re saying


The skill sets and information taught at Elite Human Dynamics are the only thing in the civilian world that closely mirrors what we were taught at ‘The Farm’ during my training at the Central Intelligence Agency.

– Erin
Former CIA Clandestine Operative

Like a lot of men, I always felt that my interactions with others were hit or miss, and that I was missing something as I tried to get to connect and gain rapport with new people. I wanted to shore up this weakness and turn it into a strength.

Deciding to attend an Elite Human Dynamics program was the best step I ever took towards that goal.

The EHD curriculum is based on a solid foundation and emphasizes a positive approach to starting and maintaining relationships. Coaches personally addressed my individual areas for improvement and taught me practical techniques that I could use to make every new interaction successful. I’ve found the skills I learned at EHD to be just as valuable in professional situations as they have been in my personal life. I’m more relaxed and positive connecting with others and all of the relationships in my life, whether personal or professional, are richer and more fulfilling.

– Jason, Lieutenant Colonel
United States Air Force

If you’re a SOF [Special Operation Forces] operator or combat arms soldier you probably feel weird even looking at this personal development stuff. And if that’s the case, don’t worry—you’re not alone. I felt scared about doing it too.

But ultimately I chose to take responsibility for myself and for my future, and I don’t regret it at all. The company hooks up service members with a discount  and some props up front for what we do and who we are. And you’ll find that we learn really quickly because of everything we’ve already gone through to better ourselves.

I did the weeklong Attraction program with Justin, AJ, and Johnny as the primary instructors. Can’t say enough good things about the crew, the way the company is run, and the curriculum. The course is set up so that every lesson builds upon the last and you see some transformations that click right away. The biggest benefit was how much more comfortable I feel doing the very things that scared me so much in the past. It’s hard to cut through the crap and realize you’re excusing your own weaknesses; but then again, if it were easy, everybody would do it.

Justin has a way of making the process fun and shows you how real this stuff is when he takes you out to party. AJ has a way of cutting the layers of garbage you’ve probably been clinging to for most of your life. And Johnny’s the only person I’ve ever met who could teach Stoic philosophy and rhetoric in the same day (even if he doesn’t call it that, that’s exactly what it is). So basically he teaches you how to talk to and influence people, and then how not to let it affect you if things don’t work out exactly as you wanted. Compliments to the whole crew of guys and girls who make the programs happen and to the community of EHD alums who supported us through the whole thing.

Now it’s on you!

– Andy
US Army Special Forces

I’m skeptical of all the self-help stuff out there. At Elite Human Dynamics however, we see how the principles really work in practice. I’ve taken thousands of hours of training and nothing can compete with Elite Human Dynamics. I recommend this to anyone who wants a leg-up on being more effective, especially guys in transition.

– J.R.
US Army Special Forces (Green Beret)

Elite Human Dynamics

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