How do we build social capital in a
hyper competitive world?

The Elite Human Dynamics trains individuals and teams to unlock the code to building better relationships that create a world of opportunities.



Discover how to influence with
commanding presence and
genuine conversations


Create instant rapport and build
trust to persuade individuals or


Grow your social capital to
increase opportunities and


“The EHD curriculum is based on a solid foundation
and emphasizes a positive approach to starting and
maintaining relationships. I’m more relaxed and
positive connecting with others and all of the
relationships in my life, whether personal or
professional, are richer and more fulfilling.”
Jason, Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force
“Before going through EHD, I was on the way to leave for the Navy. Now, six months after Bootcamp I have a new job and have grown my annual income by over 60%. Now I’m confident being myself, with no more anxiety in social situations. It has allowed me to connect more deeply with others and I’m sure that’s why I was able to get the job I have now.“
Kelvin S, Navy
“I didn't realize the signals that I was giving off to
other people. People often felt that I was being either harsh or cold. You need to be out there networking to succeed and it's no longer okay to be harsh and insensitive and still get away with it. When it comes to getting to know people you need to be positive to influence. The Elite Human Dynamics taught me how to lead with charismatic body language and gave me the social skills to make an impact.”
Andrew M, Special Forces


Bootcamps Run



5 Stars

Out of 50+

Train With Us:

X-Factor Accelerator Virtual Mentorship

8-weeks of virtual advanced social skills and emotional intelligence training with a year of support from the Elite Human Dynamics Team.

3-Day Intensive Bootcamp

3 days of advanced social skills and emotional intelligence training in Las Vegas, NV headquarters. 3:1 student to instructor ratio with active implementation of all skills to maximize retention.

On-Site Training

Our team joins you for 3 days of training and drills to unlock charisma and build social capital. Class size of 10 individuals with group activities and each workshop includes deep work time and has practical tips & tools to use immediately.



Day 1: Powerful Communication

Body Language Video Assessment

Day 2: High Value Leadership

Conflict Resolution Role Play

Day 3: Unstoppable Confidence

Unlock Your Charisma Video Assessment

Executive 1:1 Coaching

One year of immersive social skills training and implementation with 4 in-person sessions combined with unlimited support for an entire year.

Why Elite Human Dynamics?

Your network is your net worth.

We live in a technologically advanced society with an intense need to connect online and in-person to grow
opportunities and forge relationships that matter. Critical interpersonal skills such as rapport, influence,
persuasion, and conflict resolution are increasingly required for career success.

Social skills can be learned and social capital is the key to becoming a top performer.

Research shows the ability to form deep relationships and develop charisma is a competitive
advantage in the age of disruption. 1

About Elite Human Dynamics

We are a team of social capital experts training the best in high performance networking and social skills to
gain an unfair advantage.

We’ve facilitated over 300,000 hours of deep personal work over the last 13 years influencing the way
thousands of people work globally

Extensive Alumni Network

Once you complete the program, you are connected to a group of like-minded peers. They can understand
your struggles, share in your successes, and have overcome the same obstacles you will. Our alumni are from
top companies, industries and military special operations around the world.
1 - Shtub, Avraham et al, “Project Management: Engineering, Technology and Implementation,” Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice Hall, 1994
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